photo by Cynthia van Elk

Pennsylvania Cheese Guild programs and events are scheduled throughout the year. They are developed to achieve the goals of the guild: to promote education, quality, food safety, consumer awareness and pride for Pennsylvania made cheeses.


Reverse Engineering Cheese Workshop with Peter Dixon

Date:  Friday, May 5, 2017
Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location:  Harrisburg Regional Chamber
                    3211 N Front Street #201
                    Harrisburg, PA 17110

Morning Session
Cheesemakers, is there a cheese you love — and would love to make — but aren’t sure how?
Does your creamery set-up enable you to make the style of cheese your heart desires, or could it use some tweaking?
Join Peter Dixon for a seminar exploring the reverse engineering of cheese and deepen your understanding of how particular cheeses are made and the different routes you can take to get there. 
Peter will dive deeply into 4 specific styles of cheese and, working backward, will explore how milk type, creamery set-up, make process, batch size, culture, and rennet all work together to influence the final product.

Afternoon Session
Is your ideal cheese slightly different than what comes out of the vat?  In the afternoon we will use the techniques used in the morning session to troubleshoot and explore the flaws and defects that may arise during cheesemaking. Learn about the root causes of these flaws and defects and how to address them.

About Peter Dixon:
Peter Dixon is a dairy foods consultant and artisan cheesemaker who has been making cheese for over 35 years and consulting for 25.  His work is guided by the demonstrable connection between risk reduction practices and high quality cheese and dairy foods. In 2013,  Peter started Parish Hill Creamery, a small seasonal cheese business where he produces handmade, raw cheese with his wife Rachel and her sister Alex Schaal.

Workshop Cost:
$75.00 members
$150.00 non-members

Price includes morning snack and lunch