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1 Alpine Heritage Creamery 2 Bad Farm 3 Birchrun Hills Farm 4 Calkins Creamery 5 Caputo Brothers Creamery 6 Cheese Goatees 7 Cherry Grove Farm 8 Clover Creek Cheese Cellar 9 Conebella Farm Cheese 10 Day Spring Farm 11 Fairview Swiss Cheese 12 Goat Rodeo Cheese 13 Goot Essa Cheese 14 Haven Farmstead Table 15 Hidden Hills Dairy 16 Hillacres Pride 17 Jubilee Heritage Cheese 18 Keswick Creamery 19 Merion Park Cheese Company 20 Misty Creek Goat Dairy 21 Raspberry Ridge Farm 22 Shellbark Hollow Farm 23 Swirly Girl Creamery 24 The Creamery at Pleasant Lane Farms 25 The Farm at Doe Run 26 UDairy Creamery 27 Valley Milkhouse 28 Yellow Springs Farm
Alpine Heritage Creamery
At this second-generation dairy farm and creamery in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, cheesemaker Ephraim Miller pays tribute to his Swiss forbears by crafting bold, long-aged cheeses made from organic, grassfed raw cow’s milk.
Bad Farm
From their farm at the base of Hawk Mountain in the Lehigh Valley, two generations of the Rice family produce cheeses like mozzarella, cottage, and cheddar curds. The feed for their Holstein herd is grown on the farm.
Birchrun Hills Farm
Known for their fudgy, delicate Birchrun Blue, squeaky cheddar curds, and washed rind wheels. Sue and Ken Miller work with their sons Randy and Jesse to grow feed, care for their Holstein cows, and make and sell cheese.
Calkins Creamery
Cheesemaker Emily Montgomery turns out a variety of styles from the milk of the Holstein herd on her family’s Northeast PA dairy. Look for their award-winning Noblette, a lush and creamy bloomy rind with notes of mushroom.
Caputo Brothers Creamery
Caputo Brothers Creamery makes naturally cultured, artisan Italian cheeses, made exclusively with locally sourced cow and water buffalo milk, as well as award-winning cave-aged and beer cheeses.
Cheese Goatees
Tucked in the Cumberland Valley near the Maryland border, Jude Hess and his family create fresh and aged cheeses from the milk of their sprightly herd of grassfed French Alpine dairy goats.
Cherry Grove Farm
Just across the Delaware in Central Jersey, this crew of rockstar cow and curd whisperers create big-flavored wheels from the seasonal, pasture-based milk of the farm’s cows. Look for supple Buttercup Brie, funky washed-rind Rarebird, and piquant Havilah.
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar
Nestled amid the Appalachian mountains, this multigenerational dairy farm and creamery specializes in a wide variety of raw milk wheels, including aged Alpine cheeses, blues, and flavored cheeses from their mixed heritage breed cows.
Conebella Farm Cheese
Don and Pam Gable and their three grown sons and daughter-in-law represent the fourth and fifth generations of this Chester County dairy farm, where award-winning Ayrshire cows produce milk that’s turned into spreads, cheddars, fresh curds, mozzarella, and yogurt.
Day Spring Farm
In the rolling hills of Chester County, cheesemaker Julia Inslee and her mother Frances raise feisty East Friesian sheep and alpacas. The sheep’s milk goes to delicate fresh and bloomy cheeses, while their fiber becomes charming needle-felted creations.
Fairview Swiss Cheese
For four generations, Fairview has transformed milk from nearby dairy farms into Swiss cheese destined for sandwiches and snack plates around the country. It’s powered by an ingenious biodigester system that turns excess whey into power for the cheese factory.
Goat Rodeo Cheese
Steve and third-generation farmer India Loevner built their passion for agriculture into a bustling creamery just outside Pittsburgh, where they make award-winning goat’s milk and mixed-milk cheeses for sale across the state.
Goot Essa Cheese
The Esh family produces 19 varieties of natural cave-aged artisan cheeses in the traditional European style with milk from 6 nearby Amish farms. Their baskets of cheeses and comdiments make beautiful and delicious gifts.
Haven Farmstead Table
At this farmstead creamery, the rich, flavorful milk from the grass-based mixed herd of heritage breed Ayrshire, Guernsey, Normandie, and Jersey cows is handcrafted into European-inspired cheeses.
Hidden Hills Dairy
Cheesemaker Lori Sollenberger and her husband Rex Knepp keep Lori’s dairy heritage alive by making flavorful, award-winning wheels from the raw milk of a dozen pastured Jersey cows.
Hillacres Pride
Three generations of the Arrowsmith family power this pasture-based dairy and livestock farm in Lancaster County, with cheesemaker Mandy crafting fresh and aged cheeses from their herd of registered Jersey cows.
Jubilee Heritage Cheese
Tenth generation farmer Kendra Nissley carries on her family’s agricultural heritage, selling cheddar, curds, colby, and flavored cheeses made exclusively from their herd’s fresh cows milk.
Keswick Creamery
On their Cumberland County dairy farm, pioneering cheesemaker Melanie Dietrich Cochran and her family raise Jersey cows on pasture, making a variety of award-winning fresh, bloomy, and aged cheeses with their rich grassfed milk.
Merion Park Cheese Company
When he’s not working his day job as a pediatrician, cheesemaker Emiliano Tatar makes and ages one-of-a-kind wheels from Bucks County-sourced cow’s milk at his suburban Philadelphia creamery.
Misty Creek Goat Dairy
One of the state’s earliest artisan cheesemakers, Lancaster County’s Amos Miller and family produce fine goat and cow’s milk cheeses inspired by French styles and their Pennsylvania Dutch roots.
Raspberry Ridge Farm
For years, the 100 ewes on this Lehigh Valley farm helped train working sheepdogs. Now owners Rob Dunning and Carolyn Wilki are turning their sheep’s milk into yogurt, feta, brebis, camembert and aged wheels, too.
Shellbark Hollow Farm
Cheesemaker Pete Demchur has been milking his happy herd of Nubian goats in Chester County since the early days of Pennsylvania’s artisan cheese movement. Don’t miss his award-winning Sharp 2, a piquant, punchy chevre.
Swirly Girl Creamery
After years learning the ropes with her mentors at Keswick Creamery, Sara Kelley is milking her own cows and goats and producing fresh, bloomy, and aged cheeses on her own small farm.
The Creamery at Pleasant Lane Farms
With eight generations of dairy farming behind them, the Frye family brought the business into a new era with a shiny new cheesemaking facility, where they’re producing squeaky curds, lush quark, tangy feta, and more.
The Farm at Doe Run
The creamery team at The Farm at Doe Run, located in the rolling hills of Southern Chester County, creates award-winning seasonal cheeses made from the milk of their grassfed cows, goat, and sheep. Seek out their flagship styles St. Malachi, Seven Sisters and Hummingbird.
UDairy Creamery
Students at the University of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources get hands-on experience at this on-campus creamery, producing cow-to-cone ice cream and farmstead cheeses in their brand new production facility and test kitchen.
Valley Milkhouse
At this micro-creamery in the Oley Valley, cheesemaker-owner Stefanie Angstadt carries on historic Covered Bridge Farm’s dairy heritage by handcrafting French and Dutch-inspired cheeses from Berks County cow’s milk.
Yellow Springs Farm
This historic Chester County dairy farm and native plant nursery is home to Al and Catherine Renzi, who produce award-winning fresh and aged cheeses from the milk of their herd of Nubian goats.

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